Reviews for "Esluna: The First Monolith Trailer"

Wow, looks absolutely cool and totally promising

One of the better animations I've seen here so far.

i think its amazing work sure it might be out of order but it was amazing to me and it doesn't necessarily mean its bad because he put certain points out of order very well done and i would watch that show its a trailer and it did its job for me.

The animation was of varying quality. Some parts looked awkward and kinda terrible, others looked inspired and good. I think your editing here wasn't great. I feel like you elaborated too much in the trailer. Like, instead of showing a single shot or 2 shots of her hanging/falling off the train, you showed 3. Same goes for "I cannot help you/No more games!" 3-4 shots again.The action built up nicely with the music though, but maybe the "If we do this, we do it together" part should have come before the parts where they're getting ready for takeoff. It's a more logical progression. And those parts should have been in a more logical order, too, since they flew off before getting ready. I know that may be the order of events in the movie, but for a trailer, you have to splice parts together to create a satisfying progression.