Reviews for "Esluna: The First Monolith Trailer"

Man this looks and sounds really Awesome!

is this going to be a movie!!!??

CloudrisePictures responds:

I actually uploaded the entire thing to YouTube! You can check it out here: https://youtu.be/rPp-vDCKyGM

Nicely done!

How did this not get daily first? Goddamn... Animation-wise it's top notch. I'd love to watch this.

I do agree with Lyaksandra's review though. You can get a few pointers for this specific kind of cuts. Barring that, terrific work!

As a piece of visual media this is outstanding. As a trailer, though, it's a bit lacking.

While it does get better toward the end, the beginning is a tad convoluted and messy. There's a lot going on, too many characters introduced without letting the viewer get some investment. Then they start flying around through walls with a slew of flashy effects that further obscures who these people are.

Remember that even something as short as a trailer needs to have structure. Introduce a few central characters, introduce the conflict and the stakes, and then move on to the action. Leave the action unresolved, of course, as you did, otherwise you end up with a trailer like the Hollywood ones.

TLDR: Great animation and art. Trailer direction needs a little work. Keep at it!