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Reviews for "Thomas was only following orders"

the technical things are alright but WTF!!!! are you kidding me? you took one of the most horrible thing ever happend to humanity, and made a joke out of it.
not only offiensive, that is unhuman.
you should be ashamed.

That was a black take on things. Great animation and score. Well done.

Everything about the video is so great and fits together, the sound, the music, the artstyle, the setting, the everything. I am very excited to see more of what you push out.

Ha ha,
an original concept.

wish there was more going on to give depth to the story.
But this is a cool idea with potential.

Thomas, no. . . Was he on trial or was he just coming out to tell what he new? Either way, well done, great direction, and I hope to see more.