Reviews for "Escape the Prison 2"

Boring and Lame

No game here, and will not purchase.

It didn't load the first time, so I refreshed it. It was going fine, but as others have said, there were lots of bugs and it was quite laggy. It's pretty much just an advertisement that you can play for a few minutes until you're forced to download the game for its full version.

Also, @thull21 is right about the damn ads being really annoying.

Bug/Stuck in the control cabinet in the 2nd cell.. i can't use the "close icon" nor click anywhere once the enigma is solved

First off it's broken on firefox and locks up after the fuse box puzzle. Repeatedly shoving adds in your face is not good, and locking puzzles behind adds is also wrong. Add to that the buggy movement and system and it makes it borderline unplayable.