Reviews for "Escape the Prison 2"

Not good. At all. The vents were even worse than the dumb adverts.

literally just an ad

Good story idea for the quite simple intro. The puzzles so far were of average difficulty. Once entering the airing system found it weird irrespective which direction to take u end up where u started. Clicked through all path combinations and not sure it's a bug.

I didn't mind the weird looking characters. Seems like it might be a good game, just wish it wasn't a very short demo disguised as an actual free online game. Douchery like this gets 0 stars.

How many of you cringed when the girlfriend looked more lifelike compared to the main character?

Also 30 years for killing his girlfriend? Pfft I'd have given him 30 years for that blank ass stare he has. Also notice how his eyes are far apart and forehead slopes clearly the main character in this game has some sort of down syndrome.

This is bad and you should feel bad.