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Reviews for "Thanks."


Almost like some Enya there for a bit, but better. Like the crescendos in this song; it does build for a while. Nice job; the ping-pong get annoying after a bit.

Check out my music, bro!

Really good

This is totally great andiknew it was when when agame was loadingat thejiggmin part.

greeeeee ate

it had a slow start, but it kept getting faster. bout half way through i relised it was your logo in nevaendin lit, and it kept you waiting, and it was great. cut off that bit at the end tho, theres no point in havin it.

Nice One!

Extended Jiggmin.com jingle? I like it! Would be good for the Jiggmin.com intro on your next game (which is hopefully PR3).

great music jiggmin :)