Reviews for "running 2."

poor guy :(

This is officially the greatest Cheetoh thing I have ever seen so far. Great job with the pictures, and it looks like this is the conclusion of Running, so far. Nice addition of the T-Rex, and all that mumbo jumbo. This for me is an all-time favourite. EDIT: Also, thanks for keeping the simplicity of the original Running still in this sequel. Almost after nearly a year, I still love the original Running and almost all of the other videos you have made. Great job, and if there ever is another Running, then I'd be happy to watch it. EDIT 2: Thanks for the happy rating, Cheetoh! (btw if you don't believe me it's not my fault because in my notifications only I can see that Cheetoh did a happy face on dis

Run Forrest Run! Great cartoon 5/5 The only flaw is during the scenes with the backgrounds for example ocean, the character is cut-out past their black line, so you see part of the previous white background.

Nice job! Love the sound and I think you did a lot with a very simple premise. Kudos.

the running sound though..HAHA!