Reviews for "Lust Epidemic - V2Demo"

is good game cant wait till full game

where are the save game files stored at when you save

3 out of the 4 women are ugly as hell

The animation could be a little more lapidated but it's a great start.
The voice acting is pretty awesome compared to the rest of the game, it feels like that part is already finished.
Not much to talk about the game mechanics, it's the same as many other games but that isn't something to worry about so far, although I'm looking forward to see how the heart system really works.
About the characters, I would say they need a little bit more personality, all of them except for the janitor, the nun and the nerd are pretty much the same between others from the same sex.

Wow, that was... a long build-up for virtually no payout. Kind of a shame the demo didn't give you the chance to actually leverage the heart system at all, let alone reach much of the juicy content.

That said, looks like the actual game will be pretty good. I can't rate the demo really well, because it does not stand on it's own... not yet. You clearly have big ideas though.