Reviews for "Lust Epidemic - V2Demo"

Waste of time. I don't know what else to say really.

this is like a movie, woaaaaaaahhhhhh

i played the previous version and the demo ends at the same spot. im confused

Nole69 responds:

The old one had bugs in the audio. This version fixes that. I'll probably make an updated demo soon though that has more content.

It's extremely unusual for this type of game to be published and not have people asking how to get unstuck in the reviews/comment. It speaks to how well thought out this game is. I dislike how long the game is, even on normal difficulty. It really hurts the pacing of the game, but otherwise an excellent submission.

1 - Art
2 - UI
3- Sound
4 - Design
5 - Fun

1. Art- It is becoming more and more of thing in porn to use Blender or Source Film Maker and I'm all for it. Your girls are pretty sexy although to me they all seem to have really crazy arched backs for some reason. The scaled down pixel(?) art is interesting and gives a good perspective on what you are looking at (ex. you can tell a bench is a bench, and a book is a book)

2. The text boxes seem to be in the correct places and the font/font color seems to be a good choice, in other words it isn't jarring to the eyes. The UI is very clean allowing you to see all of the game without the clutter of the typical HUD. When you go into the Inventory screen(more on that later), it is neatly organized and simple, which I really like.

3. The ambient music is on point and the sound effects work well to engross the user in the story. The voice acting was good for what little there is of it.

4. It felt like you put in a lot of time to understand who your audience was and by making it a game that you only needed one hand for was a brillant choice. Having the character move by click pointing(like Diablo)and right clicking to bring up your inventory was a fantastic choice. The movement felt janky at times though especially when trying to talk to an NPC, I found myself clicking 3 or 4 times for my character to line up correctly just so the "Cutscene" would play. I did find myself forgetting what my current task was on a few occasions as either I read through the dialogue a bit too fast or just forgot what I was doing especially after certain scenes. So adding a quest log or current objective on either the inventory screen or the main UI may be something you want to consider although it may just be me. I also found myself wandering around as the next step to progress the game wasn't completely clear on what I had to do. I understood that the security cameras needed to be cut so I could travel among the towers, good thing these wire cutters were right next to it*wink**wink*. I do hope those wirecutters serve a further purpose in the game though and don't just take up a slot in my inventory for the rest of the game.

I'm going to try and fit story in here as well. I really liked the story, it had drama, a bit of mystery going on, and it seemed like you were leaning into some suspense of whether a monster existed or not. All the characters seemed to have flaws and as the story goes further when you release more of the game I suspect you will expound more about who they are.

5. My genuine reactions to your game were, "get to the good parts already", "oh, this is actually interesting", "wow, her ass is amazing", "ok, what characters have changed position, they are mostly likely who I need to find", "finally more sex stuff", and "Oh god dammit, that's right, it is just a demo, I really want to know what happens"

Fix up the pathing, make it easier to get into a cutscene, maybe add an objective list, and finish the game and depending on the finished product I'll give you a higher grade!