Reviews for "Home *BLEEP* Home"

pretty good game


short but good game

Hey! That's pretty good!

Fun game! Took me a bit to find how one of the puzzles worked but eventually i did it!


I tried to speedrun the game for fun and my record is 1:11.2, but i don't think you would be able to improve that by much as the dog will always leave the door at around 1:05 so the only challenge is doing everything before the dog is at the door. If you can do this all times should be the same. (You can probably get a 1:10 if you time it right)


How i did it:
Go to the room with the sweaters and put them all on as fast as possible, then go straight for the magnet and then the tv, you only need to click it once so don't panic. Then move to the door and wait. The dog will try 8 times and the 9th time he will move to the fridge, at this point you should spam click the door.

My splits:
Heater (When the heater breaks): 17.0 (Best 16.6)
TV (when the tv breaks): 20.3 (Best 20.5)
Dog (when the dog leaves the door): 1:05.3
End (once you see the end screen): 1:11.2