Reviews for "Home *BLEEP* Home"

way too short but I like it

Overall nice game. Very Challenging. I really loved the music.

In case you're stuck:

There's a magnet on the fridge. What would that do to the TV?

The heater is set to constantly keep you at a comfortable temperature. What about you see how far you can push it?

The dog needs to go out, but the door closes when you get near it. If you can't unplug an outlet, why not use a liquid?

great game yet very tricky

It's okay I guess. The art looks really good and the music is well made. But after I broke the heater, I was stuck on what to do next. There was nothing to do but walk around and examine objects. But overall, it's okay.

A simple and short point and click, but that I particularly appreciate!

I'm going to spoil, so for everything that haven't started and finished the game yet, don't continue reading, it would be stupid to waste a cool little experience, and it's short too, there's no reason not to do it.

The fact of being left to ourselves, and finding by chance an interaction with the environment, for me it was the sweaters, and seeing the reaction right next to the radiator is particularly satisfying, because we have the impression of discovering the goal of the game by experimenting on our own without having to be taken by the hand! I don't know if this was intentional or not, but it's just a very satisfying feeling!

Also, this sickly and sad blue characters, this music that sets the mood quickly enough plunges us into this futuristic universe rather depressing but nevertheless captivating (The music really plays there, congratulations to Phil! The music in the ending credits is really anxious and scary.... And I like anxious and anxious music) and makes us empathic with the "hero".
Moreover, the limited interactivity that some people show as a defect is for me just as great, it supports even more through the gameplay the monotonous and dirigiste life that the "hero", who is not free, even to have activities other than watching TV, eating and sleeping.

The puzzles are quite simple and logical, since the interactions are limited, we find the interactive elements quite quickly... Even if it took me a while to find the riddle in the fridge, I would have appreciated a little more chalenge... But I'm fidgeting, and I think it would even hurt the game experience if I did that.

Even its short duration is not a problem, because it's really well dosed, I really feel like the game is over when it's needed.

In short, I really enjoyed the game a lot, and hope to see more like this one !

jacklehamster responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the radiator puzzle. We were debating to make it simpler because it was a big pain to implement, but pushed through at the end.

Phil just started a Newgrounds account: https://cheesymoo.newgrounds.com/. Hopefully more things to come!