Reviews for "Home *BLEEP* Home"

smells like a sequel

a simple game with a very unique art-style. despite the lack of content, you can clearly see the gloomy mood that this game has set up. I got stuck on the fridge part because the dog took longer than it should have to decide to pee somewhere else. I would love to see a full length game in this same style, even if this is just for game jam.

<Spoiler Warning>

I literally beat this game in my sleep. I was trying to figure out how to break the nutrition dispenser, and I knew it had something to do with the dog. I was feeling drowsy, so I was having trouble coming up with ideas as I walked around and tried to get the dog to interact, nodding off every few minutes. Then I happened to nod off while the resident was standing in front of the door (preventing the dog from going out), and awoke to hear a sudden *BZZZT* and discover that the dog had done his business and the game was over. So I found that amusing and felt like sharing.

it took me a bit to figure out the puzzles but they do make sense. Good game, deep message. i wish there was more of an ending though. and i have no damn clue on how to get these medals. but overall it was executed and a kinda tone heavy game. it really just shows you the sadness through the art. the character himsef never tells you.

took me a while to accomplish anything, but i got it. it seems like it ends just as im starting to get the hang of it, though. great art and sound
i wish the text speed was a littttle bit faster though, also theres a few glitches: i can walk through the wall in the doorway, and some of the text doesnt fit on the screen all the way
i hope you make some more of this/ a sequel or maybe games about other characters in the same scenario but at other houses etc, or maybe just have the player continue to interact with/escape the AI outdoors as well