Reviews for "Home *BLEEP* Home"

Not bad, I somehow think that this game is a puzzle game, but it isn't. It's just a point 'n click game. But this gets a pass.

This wasn't bad. I admit it didn't do much for me. It was just him walking around. He looks kind of like Mickey Mouse. Well, he is literally blue. It's definitely depressed. I could only get into two rooms.

I wish I could have understand it more. The music's pretty good. I guess you had good mobility. I appreciate the effort. Even the dog's blue.

Amazing idea for a game, super fun! I could imagine a whole full length game could be made on such a fun premise!

No clue with what to do with the tv. Is the aircon supposed to be interactable? There's also this ball that apparently exists in the game (at least, its sprite does). though I don't see it.
The rest of it seems really cool. I like the concept of choosing between enjoying/escaping this sort of world.. Only, you can't really choose to "enjoy" anything in the game. The only sorta progress that can be made (as far as I know) is to deliberately break shit.

I welcome your new style, it;s better