Reviews for "Home *BLEEP* Home"

Good but the ability to make mistakes and suffer consequences is missing...there should be danger, as in the house is trying to kill me.

The only downside I can think of is the music, it's kinda droning and harsh. The puzzles were cute though!
One bug though: when you beat the game, moving into the bedroom also takes you to the credits.
Also, wouldn't it be the air conditioner working too hard if I'm putting on all those sweaters?

Thoroughly enjoyed. The ending was so difficult, especially the fridge.

just noticed a bug, not sure if it happened to others (spoiler alert):

if you stay in front of the door and the dog is outside for a long time, and then you let it go inside and block the door again, the dog will never go to pee.
I had to quick-read the source code and restart the game to destroy that creepy fridge.

Overall, the game is cute and the fatass blue mickey mouse is something that was missing in my life. Thank you.
(can't contribute to fix the source code cuz I'm good only at reading, also I know nothing about javascript, that shit's nasty looking)

jacklehamster responds:

Thanks. Are you sure the dog doesn't come back? I know we made sure the dog doesn't go through a blocked door, but I thought if we move away, eventually the dog would come in and you just have to wait for another cycle.

This is actually a game (is someone wonders). You can get out through the front door. But i only managed to get the TV, Heater and Fridge medal. what is the fourth one?