Reviews for "Home *BLEEP* Home"

I absolutely love the little 8-bit loop soundtrack.

With the unofficial speedrun i got 1:50 thats because i was waiting on the dog :) and i love the game


Fun! After beating the game I did a unofficial speedrun with 1m and 25 seconds. If you make no mistake and do the game in the dog's full cycle then you can get faster. Here is how you do it.
Upon game start, go to the kitchen and beat the first boss as fast as you can, then on your way to stop the dog and beat the final boss do the tv and once you kill the fridge go out and boom, speedrun done. So yeah, it may not seem like it but this game has a lot of replay ability.

jacklehamster responds:

Wow, I didn't expect that much interest in our small GGJ game.

Short, and amusing. The fridge puzzle took me a bit to figure out but it was a nice quick way to spend a few minutes.