Reviews for "Melodic Solace"


this is Awesome, the quality, best. how can it get any better


Oh. My. God. This song is one of only a very few songs that truly... OMGidono.
If I was emo I'd be cryin right now, it's so awesome.
Stuf like this I love so much. keep makig stuff lik this its epic.


nice tune. This is awesome.

It's about time I write a review for this song....

Dude, this has been one of my favorite song for years. Just recently I found the time to make a NG account, and I feel privelaged to finally review this song. It used to paralyze me whenever I listened to it, but I listened to it enough times to let it pass by on my ipod. You created a LEGENDARY tune. You really found a way to enhance the soul of music . . .

And btw, I remember being addicted to Wpn Fire at one point...

You know, 10 years when I first heard this song I was only a 9 year old kid sitting in the old computer room in our school and playing WPNfire on 2144 when our teacher was away, everything was just beginning like everythingelse in China. At that time hardly have people knew NG, and not even for primary school students like me, then after I went to high school I tried to find this the game version, It was difficult as the firewall blocked most of the links, I spent most money on VPN to view the things I used to love and this was one of the reason. The song came along me to a lot of place when I spent my time on the plane
It was hardly to belive that it has been 10 years, I was reaching my 10s and now my 20s, times flies so quick it might not be the best one I heard and the style might a little old but it is the most important one for me in the past 10 years and witness things along me
so for this song 谢谢!