Reviews for "Pokemon Cards"

i never knew brewstew have a newgrounds account

Every time you star tan episode with 'Alright' now... I'll know where that's from. XD Also heeey Cactus Jack in the background! All the memories in this one. All the memories. Got bundles in abundance of those cards. Packed away but never forgotten.

To this day I'm still not sure I have a holographic Charizard, but the time may come yet...


lol. Thanks for the time machine.
You forgot to mention all the counterfeits.

The 90's references in the background were priceless.

This kinda related to me a little bit. I would make someone trade the living shit out of their collection just for one card.

i once had a rare card (forgot his name but he was the kicking guy) which was signed by some of the illustrators and a whole bunch of others but then my mother washed my jeans with them still in the pocket and i haven't forgiven her since. i mean seriously, she destroyed an expensive card. she didn't even check the pockets.