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Reviews for "Resident Evil - Sex Virus EP 1 [FUTA]"

Maybe make penetration a little more visible, and why not anal sex, but great work, direct ot favorites

Can someone explain why Big Trench coat guy can take half a magazine of 5.56x45mm rounds to the chest without flinching, yet somehow be KO'ed by punches ?!

KamaDevaSFM responds:

The punch is cooler ... xD

I love the story and animation is on point!!!
The voice acting needs a bit work with the tone
Although the random fucking at 4:04 was kinda weird, I guess it makes sense, less work
3:08 could've been done better with delivering that line
3:36 was perfect from seeing her dick go inside
6:21 was pretty hot seeing Jill look up

Facial at 7:48 needs some work
10:19 was kinda awkward how the big guy's punch went through the smaller one's
10:49 needed something like s "Meanwhile" caption so the transition doesn't feel so random
You should have a breath near 12:52 for Leon
Voice acting delivery also seems a bit monotone

You spelled scenery wrong in the description btw

KamaDevaSFM responds:

thanks, I ll correct that.

It’s good stuff. I do wish to see some mutations perhaps in the future but importantly thanks for sharing.