Reviews for "Sonic Adventure 2 | Theme"

20 stars!

This is perfect! The.......horn....i guess is a great choice to hold up the guitars's epicness! I might use this as my Fan characters theme, Dragon The hedgehog.


My favorite song!!!10 stars!!!

I got chills

First of all, this is certainly my favorite game on the Gamecube console, perhaps even of any game ever. Second, you did a fantastic job with this. The only problem I have is the FL Slayer. PLEASE replace it for a different instrument. I love this song so much, but I cringe when I hear that sound in there. That's the only thing between this song and perfection.


can you fell time....slippin down your spine...ooooooooo looks like it came back fa more..yea yea but u can hardly swallow..your tears and pain..when u cant help but follow...it puts u right back where u came..LIVE AND LEARN HANGING ON THE EDGE OF TOMMOROW!


SLIPPING DOWN YOUR SPINE I can from this godly tune it reawakens my soul from its long sleep that so much harrassment caused from idiots I thank you for reviving my soul with this godly tune