Reviews for "Sonic Adventure 2 | Theme"

Not bad at all!!

Seems like a good idea, but its better to have it all operatic, as the eletric guitar drowns out the rest of it. It sounds good for the solo, maybe you should make it a bit quiter when it's the violins playing though. I only think there were a few mistakes, but I don't think there where that bad. Hope this feedback helps.

Keep it up!


i liked it it was very good


Im hopin that this isn't the final version, because there is A LOT of room for improvement.

The beginning was excellent, but gave me a classical feel. Then comes the guitar..it drowns everything else out. The strings and that trupmet(or w/e it is)need to be amplified somewhat, because all im hearing is this selfish guitar hoggin up all the space. Oh, here's something different: about 2 mins. and 30 somethin seconds into it, there's that solo. Then that one gets followed up by another soon after. Those were good.

The Verdict:
No download, but 4'd.


Holy crap... this song is so catchy... I first heard this from "James the Zebra" game and yeah... I love it. That's all.