Reviews for "Sonic Adventure 2 | Theme"


Quite interesting, really. You replaced the melody, which is usually guitar, with a full orchestra. If you DO remake this, please include more guitar, you don't hear this song very often (except for Smash Bros Brawl :3) and I want an even better version!


its great but for some reason i cant find any sonic adventure 2 battle music anyways great music

im almost speechless...

but not quite so im gona say this, this is the best remake of the theme I'v ever herd, even though its only the second one I'v herd, the orchestra was a little overpowering but aside from that it's perfect. I'll be useing this in a few movies once i find the tools to make one. going on my fav's.

Great, but intrusive guitar

This is definitely a great arrangement-better than the original? I agree with whoever said that. I'm all for combining rock/metal bands and orchestra, too, but I do think that the guitar was too intrusive during the majority of it-mostly just too loud in contrast to the orchestra.

thumbs up!

amazing what you did to this, man.