Reviews for "Sonic Adventure 2 | Theme"

A good idea, however...

... I found that your orchestra was quite blurred and lacked depth. While the strings are in the right place, and the composition overall is good, there's nothing underneath to back it up. The horns and the strings all blended together.

The main thing to remember about orchestral music is that each section of the orchestra (strings, brass, woodwind, percussion) combine to create a fuller effect. This is helped a lot when each section is clearly distinguishable from each other. Don't be afraid to put some flutes in there to bring out some highs, and some brassy horns to bring in some bass.

If you've ever heard an orchestrated version of The One Winged Angel used in Advent Children, then you can hear how the orchestra weaves with the rock music, and how each instrument is picked out at any one moment - and that you can have flutes and clarinets in your music and still be badass.


Nice music,the initial tone is great,and so is the final tone...
But the middle gets a bit....simple.Repetitive.
So i am not giving a 10 cu's of that,but it's a great music for "Boss" Fights,and...this should be implemented on Some Sonic game...but a DECENT one.
Grats,Destroyer Music.

I Hear it!

It's good. It sounds more like the final boss though, not sure =P


Solaris+Live and learn= Super remix!
Nice! Veeeeery nice!

I like the orchestral feel

I like this piece. I can certainly hear the source material in here. I enjoy the live band effect that you created. My problem is that some of the instruments sound too quite and seem to blend together at points. I think this track would shine even more if you could make the instruments more distinguishable from each other. Otherwise, really enjoyed this.