Reviews for "Sonic Adventure 2 | Theme"

you rock

this was the best song


This is my favorite Sonic song. Live and Learn. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!


Seriously, I thought this was pretty awesome

I haven't played Sonic Adventure 2 in awhile, and I did like the original Adventure better, but your remix of nice song was like.....like pure bliss to my ears. Everything seemed to fit into place perfectly

And, didn't know Live and Learn by Crush 40 was part of the theme, i'll have to have a look for it :P

Very Nice

You don't often see remixes done from the Sonic Adventure games. This was very well done. Keep up the awesome work!

And to the reviewer below me, this is Live and Learn from Sonic Adventure 2. :) Seven Rings in Hand was from Sonic and the Secret Rings.


Isn't this a remix of "7 rings in hand"? If it is, you did good in cleaning it up. Sega needs to learn how make better music, but this is just my opinion.