Reviews for "Sonic Adventure 2 | Theme"

nice work :D

draken822...wtf is wrong with you?..how can you not love a song by Crush40..and this is a good insrumental version. ALL HAIL CRUSH 40!

i hate you so much...

do you wanna know the ONLY thing more HORRIBLE to listen to then this song? well...i should say thingS...EVERY SINGLE SONG IVE EVER LISTENED TO! THIS ROCKS! the reason i hate you is you make crush 40 seem like britney spears!


DUDE!!! You Just Made The Most Awesome Song In A Sonic Game More AWESOME and you made it realy catchy

Oh, my, gosh.....

This is too good for words, man. I loved Live and Learn, and you somehow managed to make it even more catchy, without the lyrics in it! This is something truly worth all of the praise it gets, because it is one word - Awesome (and I actually mean its original meaning in this case :p)

whoa didnt think anyone would remix this song!

man this remix is awesome!!! there's like no other way to explain it! ^_^v