Reviews for "Sonic Adventure 2 | Theme"


I have been looking for this song!

I used to listen to this song A LONG TIME AGO, I think I was in middle school back then.

Since the lately orchestrated main songs (Sonic 06, Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colours) I was thinking of how SA2 theme would sound orchestrated, then I remember this old favourite. Great job with this piece man. All of my 5 stars.

This is an extremely interesting cover of Live and Learn. I like it.

Proof that oldies don't have to be baddies.

Hmmm notbad

Well this was notbad it has a steady flow of music and tunes, but there is not much of an "EDGE" but it is pretty good i thought, a good tune here nice good quality, so not much to say but if i can suggest anything for improvment it might be to make more of a build up and or an edge to the tune with something to really grasp the audiance, the steady flow is nice though just needs more effort in my opinion.

Needs more of a push, more of an edge, more of a mixture.