Reviews for "Sonic Adventure 2 | Theme"


u did a awesome job with Live and Learn. it's one of my top favoret songs by Crush 40.

good but not awesome

the guitar kills the song, don't use fl slayer

Not Extraordinary...

The song it's quite good. its well made but, i still rather prefer the original song.

Great tune

Getting this out of the way since this seems like an issue with reviews. Don't have a problem with the guitar at all (like its sound as a matter of fact).

Alright then. First, I love how you're aiming for the orchestral sound more than the rock, something that makes my ears smile a big cheeky grin. However, although I like it, something feels missing. My first might be to have a bass (or louder if its there...can't quite hear it) groove.

The drums also sound really washed out in sound, although they don't ruin it, its still a present problem.

Nonetheless, I like where this is going, and am eager to hear your next step with this tune if this isn't the end. Good job, and good luck with future adjustments.


Stop complaining about the guitar.
It's perfectly fine as long as you can tell where the melody is.
Perfect Remix, Love it.
I loved the game and now this remix tops it off.