Reviews for "Sonic Adventure 2 | Theme"


got to agree with Dark-emblem, the melody tha is supposed to be the lyrics, is way to back from the others

Aw Yes!!!! AWWW YESSSS!!!

I LOVE Sonic Adventure 2! I LOVE LIVE AND LEARN!!! YAAAAAAAAUUUUUHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!......but I've heard better remixes.


This is awesome I like it almost as much as orginal

best i ve heard in 5mins

im imprested with the guitar and drums but u used them to much in this song so im only giving u a 9/10
but if know where i can find the original i be so happy if u could pm me and tell me where i can find it ty


how do they make these kick ass songs (tell me if u Know)