Reviews for "Kill Baby Hitler"

the clever moral dilemma put in a satirical style plus the oddly well used graphics for only 4 colors! Plus the style like 8 bit tunes and text to speak voice for the title, came in expecting a meme. came out surprised and happy

lol ben shapiro.

"I did like you asked. I went back in time and I killed baby Hitler"
"We sent you back in time to kill baby Woodrow Wilson. Who the hell is baby Hitler?"

Good thing you disappear or come back to 2019 after pulling the trigger because good luck explaining why you just killed a baby in 1889.

Great game, great concept. Very well done. If I could go back in time I would try to stop WW1 from happening without even thinking about Hitler. Save WAY more lives preventing both world wars and stop the spread of communism and fascism.

So I just kept spamming through the game, noticing that the first time I didn't shoot baby hitler, but the cross, it was still gone the next time I played. Sooo I kept shooting everything, trying to solve the secret achievements.
At one point "your" character suddenly has hair and a beard, I actually lol'd at how unexpected that was to me!

Great game, really shows how you usually just go with what NPCs tell you in games. (Skyrim, The Witcher, etc.)

Nice :D