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Reviews for "Kill Baby Hitler"

This was really funny and creative! And no, I wouldn't kill baby Hitler. I would teach him to be a better person instead.

Pixels, 4 well-chosen colors : a good base to attract me-like wanderers. +4
About killing Hitler as a baby ? Godwinesque & provocative, but why not ? +1
Let's have a look. +1
Ergonomy : -1
Pompous & inept end : -3
Conclusion : Disappointment at its best. -2
Score : 1 (+1 coz' I still enjoyed the pixels & colors)

Sufficiently weird.

Yes. I would, consequences to the new reality be damned. This world ain't worth a sh!t anyway.

The game is pretty good! I'd add more endings and more things too do in the room though, other than that it's good!

i shot hilter on the painting and i still was told i fucked up