Reviews for "Kill Baby Hitler"

Very interesting game. Sure opens the floodgates about the complexity of time travel and its consequences. Let's say for example I go back and try to prevent the assassination of a prominent figure (MLK, Kennedy, etc.) That's great you saved a person's life, but the major issue that this will cause a terrible time loop as there would be no purpose to travel back in time, but then the vicious pardox begins.

Are you really traveling back in time to alter history? Or are you just going back in time to erase your existence? I'm telling ya, so many questions on the moral, ethics and technicalities of time traveling.

this is genius

IDC Its a baby. Killing babies is immoral.

audio name, please

jacklehamster responds:

The space ending song is a cover of "La soupe aux choux".
For the other tunes, I didn't gave them any name.

my first thought, "okay. kill baby Hitler. it's unethical, immoral, blah, blah, blah, etc. whatever. *bang* oh, wait. paradox. universe goes kebang, realistically."

truthfully, dunno what i'd do, but it'd never be a happy ending anyway. the world is the way it is because Richard Cranium existed, for better or worse. i'm not the one to change that.

funny that there's only one happy ending though. i almost couldn't figure it out. sheep? more like the exact opposite. interesting but controversial game, not that you can really call it that (choose your own story, really). i wouldn't be surprised if it gets top votes for the month (at least somewhere in the top 10 anyway). cool music, btw. heavy on the Engrish though.