Reviews for "4th Patreon Animation Release"

Your great link up with this person for audio and you'll reach the next level

Tabuley responds:

Thanks, will definitely do as soon as I got budget for sound.

hot shit

I've never gotten more excited from something so sexy, the animation is also nice to watch, like old time movie.

Really been liking the build up for these so far~
Very expressive. And: Even if trying underwear: He really ought to wear them outside his regular underwear xD But anyhow: Really smooth motions, they are picking up in quality. Getting some more detail here and there, that is nice to see.

And hum, he came fast once he started to DT himself xP Though, pretty impressive even if hyper to be able to do that hehe.
And the little "Wait..." at the end is just great xP
Can't think of anything to add feedback wise tbh.

I think my favorite thing about your work is how genuine the scenarios feel. The characters seem real, and that honestly carries the scene waaaaay more than voice acting ever could. Yet another very solid animation. Awesome work.