Reviews for "Parts to shape"

Really nice game and addictive.......only sounds is a lttle bit annoying.

A highly addictive game I must say!

-shawn (Chronamut)-

I enjoyed this game, but I'd recommend adding some calm music. Other than that, nice job.

Deceptively tricky as the game goes on which is a good thing. Very nicely done.

Serious07 responds:

Glad you liked it!

Might want to check about the medals. In particular Unlock Bundle 4 had to be done 3 times before it finally awarded me that medal.

Each new time I would refresh the browser and try it again.

I don't imagine it's anything special with that one as it's probably the same bug on all of them just that's the one I got unlucky on.

Sometimes pieces would all clump at the lower-right on some puzzles, or pieces beyond a certain amount would clump there. Only happened on a few puzzles. Still solvable when it did that.

I like that the puzzles are randomized, so one cannot simply view some walkthrough to get through this. Also as an added bonus, when a puzzle is too unfair you could keep retrying until you got it easier. I do believe I had an impossible puzzle generated once, but a retry gave me a possible one.

Serious07 responds:

I'm building medal logic this way - If you will clear all levels and click on next button, it will move you to the main menu, and give a medal.

Yes it a bit not clear, I agree, but for now, I'm don't want to upgrade game, cause it will delete all save files what everyone got for now. So the best way to unlock all medals just complete the last level of the bandle, and press the next button on the last level.

Thanks for the review I'm happy to see constructive criticism.