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Reviews for "Baseball"

Happy pixel day everyone!

you rat bastard this is a game that made me rage this is good you are very clever

yeah thats pretty cool i'd give it like a yeah/10 its just baseball though.

The people complaining about not having a story, or that it doesn't make sense because this isn't real baseball just annoy me really, no duh, its just a fun quirky little game, and it's great at serving that purpose. It was fun, still somewhat challenging, and a nice little time waster. My only problem was that sometimes I'd get 10 normal balls in a row, sometimes I'd get no normal balls at all, I'm not sure if that was intended to make some tries harder than others, but I think it could be a nice mix, or add difficulty settings.

willKMR responds:

This is valid feedback and something I'll be fixing in games going forward.

Hilarious. Thought I am having some trouble figuring out where the actual hit zone is.