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Reviews for "Baseball"

This is actually pretty funny. Simple concept, but well executed.

I like this game. Especially the weird stuff, it made me laugh a lot.

However this game has a one big problem - complete and absolute randomness. Sometimes I had to strike ball 5 or 6 times before any weird stuff happened. Sometimes 2 same special events could happen in a row. Because of the randomness I thought that it's just a primitive reflex game and dropped out after few minutes of play. Yeah, no weird events happened and it ruined my first impression. I'm glad that I've read some comments and returned to this game.

I recommend to replace random number generator with a pseudo-random algorithm. Something like this: you generate a random number from 1 to 3. This number is quantity of simple innings. Let's imagine that we've got number 2. It means that after 2 generic innings one of the weird events (that would be chosen randomly) should happen. Also you can tweak this algorithm to make sure that no same special events will occur in a row.

willKMR responds:

That's a great idea. Thanks Wolod!

Really fun concept, the game surprises you every time. I like the oldschool graphs too.

Okay, the idea is kind of interesting, but unfortunately, it's way too easy to lose and have to start over, so most weird stuff is very hard to get to. It doesn't help that the controls are terrible, being impossible to make a second swing at the same ball.

I feel like the batter should be facing toward the camera in the beginning pose to make the way he hits the ball make sense. Also, I wish there was a way to re-challenge certain "pitches" so I could actually make a serious attempt at a high-score run.