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Reviews for "Baseball"

I think several games are mashed up with this one. Aren't mulligans from golf? Why was I swinging at a watermelon? What team was up? Very confusing.

I know it might be too early to determine this, but this might actually be one of my GOTYs already.

This game is just so much fun and quirky! I keep coming back to it to see if I see a new throw.

That 'Genre: Sports-Golf' tho

yeah thats pretty cool i'd give it like a yeah/10 its just baseball though.

I love this so much... My high score was 5 but I FAILED TO BAT A MELON LOL.
Also the fact that if your score is zero, if you press anything before the ball is pitched the dude is just holding the bat to the sky and gets yelled at.
Can we please have a highscore system :3