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Reviews for "Baseball"

Looks like a bootleg nes game and i loved

Not a amazing game, but it looks really good. Good job for what you were trying to do though

Yes, that's EXACTLY how we play baseball.

So many unique and original WTF moments, I love it! Every time you think you have seen it all, something new pops up to surprise you, its obvious that a lot of thought went into the different level designs.

I'm surprised so many reviewers seem genuinely angry by the game, it is clearly a bit of silly, light hearted fun.

At time of writing my current high score is 12.

willKMR responds:

Thanks Flashchicken! The bad reviews are hilarious

The people complaining about not having a story, or that it doesn't make sense because this isn't real baseball just annoy me really, no duh, its just a fun quirky little game, and it's great at serving that purpose. It was fun, still somewhat challenging, and a nice little time waster. My only problem was that sometimes I'd get 10 normal balls in a row, sometimes I'd get no normal balls at all, I'm not sure if that was intended to make some tries harder than others, but I think it could be a nice mix, or add difficulty settings.

willKMR responds:

This is valid feedback and something I'll be fixing in games going forward.