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Reviews for "Baseball"

i really enjoyed this thank you so much

This game is much more fun than I expected it to be at first. I just keep trying over and over yet am getting stuck due to some of the hit detection - particularly on the fastballs and the bouncing basketball. Just doesn't seem to be a consistent way to hit the ball on these.

All of that being said, overall you did a fine job.

Happy pixel day everyone!

I appreciate the novelties but the actual movement of the batter means the game is unplayable even with the first ball. I don't understand where the hit-state is. The batter swings in a VERY strange manner. The batter swings once and gets stuck for some reason. Fix the basics before adding the novelty.

Nice golf simulator, champ. Had some fun with the game, though, i was screaming HOWZAT every time i was screwed by a poorly telegraphed timing that i just can't get the hang on. This comes from a guy who has surpassed like 50 hits with his trusty racket. I think (and i hope) that there are gags i haven't seen and that have some secret showing up conditions, but thanks to the factor, i can't really test it.

I find that you should swing your lapta every time the ball passes a second blue advertisement in the background, though i'm not certain. I'd argue that since the game's not really about skill, but about the gags, you should make the timing required to hit your association football ball a bit clearer.

Speaking of em, the gags in this pesapallo game were actually fun (the triangle one had got me the most prolly), and chuckle inducing, though, after some runs, they do become a bit stale. I've counted like 15 of them i think. I find that the idea's of this croquet experience is very easy to expand on, since you can add more gags, more BALLS and whatnot. Some more surreal humor, maybe some gags concerning sports other than the polo game presented here, or maybe, just maybe, a sequel to this game with american football in mind and the evergreat JOHN MADDEN as the unfortunate protagonist... man, the possibilities are endless. A man can dream. I've also found the art to be a bit inconsistent and somewhat dry, but eh, i came here to score some dunks, not to stare at things, ammiright.

Frankly, overall, the brennball extravaganza is fine to kill some time, and does offer some replayability, though this game absolutely should be expanded upon and improved quite substantially, since there's not much to it in its current state, and only good for either a quick laugh, or a longlasting frustration at how the game controls, both in my case. 6/10.

Also, i wanna look at the pitcher, he must be a mad lad.

willKMR responds:

Thanks for the in-depth review hawk18727!