Reviews for "Rad (Equal to Rad)"

The animation seemed weaker than the first one for a lot of it, but damn if it wasn't epic! I loved the development in the story, with the worm saving his rad(ish) friend like that. His strategy was brilliant and his sacrifice heart-warming. The fight with the computer monsters was cool as well, with him selecting and cutting them and stuff like that. Again we had some cool camera movement as shots.
Thsi one, I feel, had a better story, but the animation was worse. I really couldn't help but be entertained and I can't wait for the final installment if the rad trilogy next Pixel Day!

gatekid3 responds:

Yeah, the animation definately took a hit. good to know it didnt completely kill it for you

Wow! This video reminded me of earthworm Jim. Thanks for that.


It's ok, I guess. Rad animation, I don't know about everything else.

gatekid3 responds:

I dont know what that is supposed to mean.

I can see why this is the highest rated submission for Pixel Day 2019! It's great! I never thought a worm could be so cool! This was just very enjoyable. It did a lot for how short it was. Maybe that's why I don't like these holidays here that much.

I just want more effort. Still, it's great to see how far we can go. Anyone can make something good in a certain amount of time. It was indeed rad. Happy Pixel Day!