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Reviews for "Project Uma"

Starting with the old premise of an escaping experiment (-0.5), Project Uma offers a retro platformer. It has good music, fun sound effects, and cute graphics. However, for a ninja game, the controls feel sluggish, and the character graceless (-0.5). The enemies are hard to hit, brutally so. In fact, it's easier to wait for the bats to come level with the player, than to actively attack. Relying on such tactics may have endearing back in the retro days, but modern designers can know better (-1). Should a powerful ninja wait for an enemy to line up? Also, there was a bug in which a bat became invincible on level 2 (-1). Finally, the game did not explain throwing, and sometimes I did not know what powerups did (-0.5).

I think a short tutorial and smoother controls would have made this a fun game.