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Reviews for "Project Uma"

This is a fantastic game. I only played for a few minutes and I was hooked. The music is catchy (and somehow appropriate XD ) and the plot is interesting. I like the narrator- makes me wonder why the mysterious voice is helping. The controls are simple too! Excellent job re-creating a game of"ye olde game"- I look forward to more!

Really enjoyed playing this game. Cute little ninja girl hackin' and slashin' through this alien platformer. I had a lot of fun once I got used to the controls. Music is high-paced fun, narrator is refreshing and a comforting touch. Great pixel art, fun play. =)

Tough, but really fun. The only beef I've got is hardly a big one - every so often I encountered a glitch whereby certain enemies will take hits but never die - considering the perfect timing often needed to land your hit before they land theirs, this proved a bit of an issue.

Anyway, the sprites are great, the animations are top-notch and the level design is frustrating in the best, most satisfying kind of way. I'd buy a full-length console version of this in a heartbeat.

Everything is good except for the fact that 'Up' is jump

lives are...almost redundant. i always seem to start from the checkpoint and the only penalty i get is my score and arrows being gone. but hey i'd rather kick people in the nuts than not see the action from the thirteenth floor (after all, that's why doom 2016 is my kind of game). but other than that, it's a really great game that gets me hooked right from the start! keep it up!