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Reviews for "Project Uma"

Tough, but really fun. The only beef I've got is hardly a big one - every so often I encountered a glitch whereby certain enemies will take hits but never die - considering the perfect timing often needed to land your hit before they land theirs, this proved a bit of an issue.

Anyway, the sprites are great, the animations are top-notch and the level design is frustrating in the best, most satisfying kind of way. I'd buy a full-length console version of this in a heartbeat.

controls just need to be tweeked, not use using my right to move. other than that, not bad.

super hard, no checkpoints and no continue, a good game with great music, but no learning curve and a bit on the impossible side

This was a pleasant, brief distraction. Ninja girl fighting through aliens. I can work with that.
The controls were a little iffy at times, but it wasn't a deal-breaker. One thing that got me irritated was that you seemed to be unable to run and throw at the same time. However the art was cool in a pixelated style. and the music was awesome. I DID like the callback to the old school Ninja Gaiden's invincible fire wheel.

Two issues I noticed:
One: There doesn't seem to be any point of purpose for the roll. Okay, it lets you move through enemies without taking damage, but now you have a hostile on your rear. its just as easy to melee your way past them.
Two: I noticed that in the moments between when you died, and the start of your next life you could still throw knives. It didn't seem to do much apart from reduce the number of knives I had, but it still seems to be a bit of a bug.

Bottom line: Not flawless, but there is definitely more good here than bad. Keep it up!

knobbywood responds:

Thanks so much for the constructive review. I appreciate you playing my game :)

Pros: Nice, good game, fun game, nice graphics and storyline.

Cons: Flawed controls, jumping is too large for small jumps, doesn't register at edges sometimesx, and character is too herky jerky. Finished final boss and the game just hung on the end box text area.

knobbywood responds:

Great feedback! I'll look into the issue after the end boss. Thanks for playing my game :)