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Reviews for "BSV - Chapter 000"

This is most certainly a jojo reference. Love the style, beautiful art with great animation and character design that perfectly captures the look and feel of it's inperation. It manages to pull of a sudo motion comic look, while looking better and being more advanced animation wise than most motion comics. Writing is pretty good too, main character has cool as hell powers, interested to learn more about the other guy.

Even though this is probably just a test scene, I can see you really put in the effort, and I'm excited to see what's gonna come next. Congrats!

I'm interested.

I love it! I really hope you continue this! <3

Pretty good. I like the idea of Spanish Jojo's, and you did a great job emulating that style. You also do pretty well with portraying movement, but I think for this to be truly interesting you might need more in-between frames. It's easy to just "skim" the scenes, so to speak, since movement is minimal enough to not always be engaging. Also, the stand we see, Black Hole Sun (hope I got that right), has some really stiff dialogue, even for what is essentially a robot character. I realize this is just a test so hopefully there's still time to work on some of this, as I see others making similar points and there's a lot of potential in this.