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Reviews for "BSV - Chapter 000"

I loved this! I admit the animation was kind of a turnoff. It just never moved. What kind of idiot tries to kill someone just because she won't talk?! Well, they deserved that. The animation was gorgeous.

It was nice just to see something so original. Of course, it's hard to keep track of everything here. I thought the details were great. I was sad when it ended. I guess I'm not into motion comics much.

Excellent art, as always, and I enjoyed this animated comic style of format, along with the voice acting. I'd be interested in watching a few more episodes of this, if you kept up with it.

Great work. The mangled faces scene sent shivers down my spine, that was insane!

This had me thoroughly entertained the whole way through. I'm a huge JoJo fan myself, going as far to even have the star birthmark tattooed on my neck... and I gotta say man, the way you captured the style of the snow is insane. From the facial expressions, to the poses, the dramatic shading and the hilarious voice acting. Amazing work, 10/10!

Those are some nice looking stills.