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Reviews for "BSV - Chapter 000"

Wait so I'm not watching JOJO?

Impossible workmanship!
It is full of love for the original.
Still, it's a unique work.
There are no fans who can do this.

I saw Japanese subtitles, and I don't feel any discomfort.
Araki may have a more unique expression, but it is impossible to reproduce it.

I think it is the best result at the moment.

Dang, part 9 anime looks sick !
No wait, David Pro skipped part 6,7 and 8 for this !

Worth it

Excellent work! I'm loving how you nailed down the iconic JoJo's Bizarre Adventure art style with those bold colors and Araki's drawing style. You've totally nailed the visuals, I even liked the way those stands and the "intense" moments looked! ;D

Can't forget to mention the phenomenal voice acting along with all this and the awesome JJBA soundtracks incorporated into this :P The entire animation overall might be short, but man, that quality is top notch! You did a great job, I'd love to see this series continue, it looks very promising :D Bonus points for this being a JoJo reference.
Could this perhaps be foreshadowing the non-existing JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 9? 0_o

Emulated both the visual and dialogue styles of JoJo perfectly. I'm eager to see this project grow.