Reviews for "Marly Mouse Escape: Garden"

Short and easy. Perfect for a lunch break

really cute, easy and fun. not to mention rewarding.

[edit] thought i might try to speedrun it after a couple plays since there's a scoreboard, but i guess i don't get to play it more than twice, huh? (stone puzzle doesn't work anymore) oh, well...

That was cute and fun.

Go over to the carrot patch and get a tack. Use the tack to remove the tap on the bottle. Use the bottle cap to dig up the dirty coin. It's where the caterpillar is. Give the coin to the beaver. Get the mushroom the beaver shows you.

Go to the chest and put in 8745 for the handle. Attach the handle to the hose. Put in Rotate on the bag to get the thimble. Fill the thimble with water from the hose. Give the thimble to the sad flower to get the mushroom from behind the snail.

perfect rating for a perfect artist