Reviews for "Lopunny Thigh Job (GOTM)"

Amazing stuff. I just looked at your patreon and it's really cool to see you make these models and give them out to other creators. It's not just neato it's super neato. Continue making more bouncy bunnies like this one :D

CumminHam responds:

I plan on it! :D

that's one good bunny!

lopunny lovely thigh job

I love this model!

Loops pretty well overall~
Her pupils are really clear though, or however to phrase it. Very "stare into the soul" xD And they pop out a lot compared to the rest of the body. But still manages to fit pretty well.

The motions turned out nice too. Though, the cumshot feels a little off. His tip has an odd throb and the jizz is a bit... lackluster. But the rest is really nice. Good debut of bagman :P
He fits a lot better style wise with the models. (could possibly do with a look-over of that dong design though.)

CumminHam responds:

Right on! Got it