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Reviews for "Gragyriss, Captor of Princesses"

42 waves on endless. great game, probs my fav flash game of the year. keep up the good work

i love it 39 waves

it presents quite a challenge but is fun due to its repetitive and simple 2D nature. love it and can complain.

35 waves survived...oof. defenutely needs more context tho.more skills for the dragon to reach in endless mode and also a longer story mode,more princesses would be nice and the storm princess needs a fix,its a nice concept but cmon its the last princess you unlock,why does it have to be the most useless one while the other 3 are so fucking good. besides that its a really catchy and good game. why not make this update for its 1 year anniversary?

I love this game! I really wish it was longer with more beasts and princesses though.