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Reviews for "Gragyriss, Captor of Princesses"

Yol Toor Shul much?

I absolutely loves this and I need more

Something I need to add is I love this, but I would love to see a third mode, the endless battles, but not in wave format. it is fun, but as time goes on it gets shorter from battles, but harder as well. I would like to see a map style where you can battle when you are ready, not when you have to, and just keep going. Again. Anytime you would die you would start over however. Just some food for thought

Would be awesome if had fullscreen option without scalling the objects making the world look tiny but with massive area to view for more content perhaps? anyways i love it's simplicity

very fun! makes you wish for more since its a bit short

I thought that there would be more continents with othher kingdoms to plunder, but maybe we'll see a sequel some day?