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Reviews for "Gragyriss, Captor of Princesses"

Amazing game, only wish it was longer!

The Princess is the zygote. The hero is the sperm. The cave is the womb. The treasure is the genetic knowledge. The princess means high class girl, the hero means high class boy. The dragon is the cord that connects the hoard to the embryo that the hero "discovers". When the hero slays the dragon, the umbilical cord is cut, the treasure goes to the resultant child and he or she is born with the dna of her forebears. An age old tale that resonates with us. Why? Genetic memory, Google it.

wave 38
wave 39
wave 41

Nice smooth playing, if a little simple and without much challenge

Solid clicker experience, with a fun fantasy skin.
As long as you patience, there is no real challenge, but the experience of playing it is soothing and smooth.
Thank you for making this.