Reviews for "THE LOVELY ANGELS xx"

Very nice

These character look fresh and you have created some nice characters here do wish there was more backround to this though, You have something of good quality here, This was kind of Majestic and you bring some Diverse visuals, Great stuff here and nice style of art work here, its these kinds of pieces that really draw my attention and glad I came across this one

More backround detail here


AllyRat responds:

Thanks for such a detailed comment! I'm glad you like it and thought to left such kind words here! The little background was a bit of an afterthought, inspired by the title card at the end of the op for the dirty pair anime, where it shows their silhouettes over a space background so it is a bit empty ^ v ^''

I do have some more background heavy illustrations in my gallery if you're interested :D Again thank-you very much

the lovely angels

the original panty and stocking

AllyRat responds:

basically lolol

I love it when objective babes are drawn in ways that are cute without being necessarily sexy and are shown expressing genuine, unabashed enthusiasm

Vintage Honeys! <3 <3 <3

AllyRat responds:

yes!! They're so cute <3